Switzerland – Easter

Wednesday the 12th of April 2017,

I didn’t really know what to do today…

Well, I decided after a time to work on the final major project. Looking at the fabrics I found, I made some fabric samples, showing how I could connect pieces of shapes.

I cut rectangles and triangles and sew them together to get an idea of structure. Ones I finished this, I don’t know I didn’t feel very satisfied about it, somethings didn’t match and I couldn’t’ stop thinking about it a few minutes. Did I do it for nothing or what?

I will look forward to make this samples again or look how I could make them better and more logical to have a connection with the theme. So I spent the whole morning doing this, but Don’t know if I like what I made and that is a problem, I explain it now, the reason of it but sincerely and don’t know how to continue with the fabric ideas.  I have to think about it seriously and deeply…


In the afternoon, I went again running in middle of nowhere with my brother, to empty my mind and take deep breath because of this morning work that I wasn’t really happy about.

So here I am with another day passed, but I enjoyed it anyway.



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