Switzerland – Easter

Thursday the 13th of April 2017,

Today I decided to wake up early again to enjoy plenty of the day and do what ever I want.  I went out to take photographs of the landscape, before the sun goes again because it was a bit cloudy but sunny at the same time so I really didn’t want to miss this.  So I went out and tried to take the best picture of the Swiss landscape, actually first of all the view I have from my house, but also around the village where I am living and that is called Echichens. I spent one hour outside, alone, nobody was outside, just me and the fields and some cows eating grass, in the same time their bells where doing noice, but a nice one.

Ones I arrived at home, I put all the pictures I took in my USB key, so if I need them I can print them out directly, it is much more practical. After this, actually I spent the rest of the day looking and researching old family photographs of Switzerland and Colombia, I wanted to remember how local people used to live and how they were going along with their traditions, I really enjoyed to discover all this again, some of the pictures, I even couldn’t remember or I didn’t know and the way I discovered them has been fantastic for me. A real discovery and step back to my roots past.


1954; M grandmother’s family

Colombia in 1993


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