Switzerland – Easter

Friday the 14th of April 2017,

Good Friday.

The morning I went with my parents to the church for the Good Friday ceremony day. I enjoyed it a lot. I listened to the words that the priestess was saying, I opened my mind and thought about everything, all the ideas, my life situation that I don’t regret at all, it is perfect for me. I spent one hour and a half relaxing…

Being inside a world that nothing else could be more powerful than this. For me the Church gives me advices and let my mind go away for a few minutes, I feel good inside and everything make me feel more confident.

After have finished, We went to have breakfast next to the lake, and then I went back home. It was such a wonderful day that I spent the rest of the day in my garden, helping my father gardening and sun bathing. I took deep breath and thought about things that surround me, that fascinate me and so on. In the afternoon A friend of my mum came in, she is from Mexico and her job is to realise documentaries films. She is a very interesting person, she is very clever and you can talk anything with her, you always learn things throughout her words and that is amazingly great.


Late in the afternoon, we drove to my grandmother’s house in the Swiss german part called Solothurn. I was really excited to see her again because the last time I saw her was three months ago, and that is long when you used to see few times a month. So yes I was really happy to see her again.




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