Final major project

Thursday the 20th of April 2017,


Today is a new start in the summer term but also almost the end of a project. I still have six weeks left but time goes very fast and I need to use each time, each minute to work and develop my final major project. I could collect such a lot of information during the Easter half term most of it, concerning Switzerland, because to remind, I went back home, so it has been very helpful to be there and research what I exactly needed to continue my concept.

As might remember, during the half term, I decided to do a kind of “technology ” detox, because basically I couldn’t any more to be with all these things; phone, computer and so on. So the conclusion is that I haven’t really done my blogs, I just wrote down in my notebook, that why today I planed to write and finish all my blogs during the morning and in the afternoon print out all the pictures I need to continue with my work.

Unfortunately it hasn’t been the case. I spent the whole day in front of the computer writing every day blog, completed with photographs, so that has been my day. But to complete it, at 11am I had an appointment with Coulla concerning my essay. I showed her the work I have already done, and explain my essay idea. Well it hasn’t been what I expected exactly, she wasn’t really convinced about it and made me change some things and told me to work and research further this topic. I didn’t feel very well about it, I don’t really know if she really understood my idea and concept of the final project, I have really no idea. To be honest, she is a really good help to organise the work to write an essay and give very good advices, I don’t complain. The thing is that I just want to go forwards and no backwards, so Well things like this happen, but I will work on it.

In the afternoon, I continued with my bogs, later on I had a group tutorial. Tutors asked me if I already have an essay title, well I explained them what happened during the appointment and they said that will will have a look together, and that made me feel much better, so I will spend a moment with them tomorrow and talk about this in details. I started to tell them my plan for the project; observational drawings, photographs, fabrics and then start with the draping part. I told them that I don’t have at all any ideas for the draping part for the moment, but that I have quite a lot for the illustration part. The advice they gave me, is that I could start drawing my illustration ideas and then include drapes, or create a detail and then move it around the body, that are the two possibilities and I am really going to use them, that great.

Tutors told me that they are looking forward to see a lot of bright colours and use this precise Swiss technique. I am so happy they told me that because it is exactly what I want to explore. So let’s see the outcome….


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