Final major project

Friday the 21st of April 2017,
Today what I have done first of all, has been to print out all the photographs I will need and decided to work with to continue with the project. 

Something I wanted first of all be finish with was the Easter holiday journal. It isn’t that thick and complete than the one from Barcelona but I guess it is normal, because I haven’t done a lot everyday, I just enjoyed being at home again and get as much as possible inspiration in the simple way,  but I have done a small journal anyway, it still could be interesting.

After have sticked the photographs inside and did some quick sketches, I started to select pictures that I took by my self at home in Switzerland. Objects that I used to draw the observational drawings are also part of the selection and then all others are to be developed for the project. I am very happy to work with them and continue to progress in my ideas for the final major project.

In the afternoon, I started to do a fabric selection that could be interesting to explore. Not only in the colours variety but also in the texture. I do  not really know yet what kind of fabric I will use for my final piece but it is a beginning and ones maybe I sarted with the development and illustration, there I will probably the idea of real fabric come out, so I am looking forward to do a lot of research.  I am just going to tell you a little bit of my fabric selection even I haven’t finished yet. I will do it this weekend. So there are colourful and more pastel colours as I said in my proposal. I decided to choose fabrics with more natural fibres than syntethic ones, light and soft, some are more rustic and other more smooth, for the difference of cultures. So that is briefly my idea. 

So what I am going to do this weekend is; in my timetable I wrote that I will spend ine week to put down all the research I made in Switzerland, well I am going to do as much as possible this weekend, including observational drawings, fabric research and then continue with the development. So that is the programm I will fix to me.

Let’s see the result…


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