Final major project

Weekend, the 22nd and 23rd of April 2017,



As I said in the previous blog, on Friday I worked on the fabric research, I didn’t finish that time, but now it is done. I decided to look for different textures and colour, from more bright ones to more rustic and pastel colours. The idea is of course to combine two different nations and look how they could be fused together.

For the fabric research I have been inspired by one of the best textiles makers in Switzerland; Jakob Schlaepfer, at the beginning the company that has beed founded in 1904, was a embroidery fabric. More the success succeed, more they developed ideas and new trends to create textiles. SO now they become the best worldwide and a lot of fashion designers buy fabric from this company.


During my half term holiday, I decided to do observational drawings from Swiss and Colombian objects that I have at home and that my grandmother posed. There are few historical ones and the used of them have been very important in the past. others have been given as a gift for very important occasions. All this is a reminder to the History of the past and so work and combine all this things together make just one mind.


For the Swiss part, there is a coffee machine made of wood to grind the seeds, this machine was my great grandmother’s ones. The next one an old camera, used for many years by my grandparents. The last one is an embroidered textile that my great grandmother made in 1913 at school. I have chosen this objects because that have a story behind, they were used and still used for many reasons, the texture, and the structure, either colours have something special, so that why I decided to draw them.



Next one, Colombia, the first one is a bottle made of red leather, on it a shape that represents the symbol of gold and the god of the sun. In the past that kind of bottle was used as transportation to put liquid inside or seeds, depending on the region and the tribes of course. In the middle one, a typical countryside village place, with the church in the middle. It might be a village in central Colombia, because the villages look more like this. And the last one, You might wondering what is this symbol again, well actually it is the representation of a knife. This kind of knife was used for the human sacrifices, a ritual made in 600 bf. J C. by Incas.


Here we are with the beginning of the fusion. I want to show how two so different origins can be combined together and create something unique.

What I really want to make clear, is the second picture. All primary photographs made by myself, there is the true reality of life; Second World War, Farmers working in the fields, children paying outside, a beautiful landscape that reminds just everything, there is nothing to add. The page next to it is also the hard reality of life; views, colours and histories. For my this pages are one of the main focus, as you may know I just want to remember and make others remember.


On this last page, is a kind of step back in the textile used by ancestors; handmade embroidered ribbons, a gift from my grandmother. Lamb leather, a noble skin. Natural fibre texture and wool. These are the main textiles used in Switzerland; No machines and no technology only the skills of hands.

Just the next page is the one with examples of Colombian textiles, of course there are all the bright colours that we shouldn’t forget, but also gold thread. Colombia as main city of gold, it is important to not forget the very sad and truth history of gold….

So that was it, this week I plan to work with fabric manipulation and so start to drape. For the moment I am still on time, always looking at my timetable. I enjoy it so much that I am exited to finish it and see the result.


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