Final major project – leather and thread

Monday the 24th of April 2017,

During the weekend I bought this cow leather in Cambridge for 5£. The owner, ones he used the leather to create something; bags, wallets, belts and so on, instead to throw it away, because it is an animal , don’t forget it, he sells it with a discount on it. So that is a really good action and all the leathers that he owns are very fantastic.

So I bought this fantastic beige skin… I knew that it is cow skin, because I studied this in my previous art school, and we learnt how to recognise fake to real and what what kind of animal it is. The smell is wonderful, the skin is hard but noble, flexible but not as the lamb one and not hard as the pork one, it is a skin between, good to make very nice stuff.

So my idea is to explore this texture and add bright colourful threads on it. Leather is used in Switzerland as a very noble skin since ages, used in the army and for sport, more like horse ridding, but there is a very sensible signification, and also any occasions have been looked through leather. From the mountains to farms and cities to citizens.

Of course in Colombia, they also use leather, but I want to represent it more with colourful thread, that is my idea. Each one has its own specific texture and colour and then of course the fusion of each other make the one piece detail.

All made by hand, a fusion and collaboration between ideas, cultures and mind, and that all through out this detail.

Well I have to explain how I made this, I spent the whole day creating these to small samples. Leather is a wonderful skin, but you need the technique to make the holes and so on. I already worked ones with leather but at that time I had all the material needed for it. Here just a big needle and something to make the holes bigger if needed. I fingers were completely broken, but I really enjoy it and I like the result at the end.

I really would like to use leather as a big part of my final piece, it is noble and has a story behind, for me ones the skin is used few times, it becomes even more beautiful; old skin….

An homage that will be explored and developed further and further until I get the best of it!


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