Final major project – Essay research

Tuesday the 25th of April 2017,


This morning I had my Contextual and critical studies lesson. I started seriously to do concrete research about my topic and start to write, because time goes fast and I need to use every minute to get along with the project and the essay.

After have spoken about my essay structure to my tutors and that they told me that I should continue with my idea because I am able to do it, so I started to make research for the first bit of my structure that is about the global and historical culture. It is a big theme but I am not scared of it, I just have to find the right research and ideas and then put everything together to make a logical essay and paragraph about the first topic.

I found very interesting stuff about it. There is the question of globalisation, that is of course a very big theme, it englobes a lot, like; religion, food, music, and so on. I focused more on the ethnicity  and clothes influence, also according a place to the art influence and how people behave and what they think about it. people have a lot of different words to describe cultural fusion; on another hand, there is the cultural diffusion and multiculturalism. All these are part of my idea of combining cultures together. I researched how big the diversity of global cultures become and people get along with this king of influence; we talk about travel, trades and conquests of course. Ideas, actions, nationalities, values and beliefs are part of UNESO’s 15 points with their very philosophical culture. So all these have been great for my research for the first part. So I am very happy about it.

Then I started the second bit a little bit; it is about cultural fusion in fashion. Easter Western, rustic renaissance and a thought of going back to the past. Of course technology and modernity are part of our lives now it it won’t change anymore, we continue to go further and further to the future and new things are invented every day, but there is a part and a influence where people miss the past, the hand made, the realness, the authenticity and that is amazing because it is exactly what I am looking for in  my project of course. I t is an homage that I am doing to the past, and in last generations is was very different and gratin their own way so that is fantastic….

So that was it for my essay research, I have to continue like this, and my plan is to write the first topic this weekend.




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