Final major project – Drapes & fabric samples.

Wednesday the 26th of April 2017,


As usual, in the morning I had my life drawing lesson. It went quite well and I am happy with the drawings I created with the help of pastel using different colours. The thing is that I really like to drawing the top of the body; legs, arms, head, feet and hands are not my strengths, so the tutor told me that is it true, I am pretty well in drawing the top, but if I stay drawing it as I know, I will never learn how to draw the other parts of the body and I won’t go forwards like this. So to practice, first I have to draw big to get all the proportions correct and then look how it goes. Well I tried and it was alright. I just need to practice more and not only focus on one part of the body. I think we have 4 or 5 lessons left and here I will try to draw the whole body.


In the afternoon, during my fashion lesson, I continued with the project. I look how was going along with it. I am on time, even a little bit forward, but that is only positive stuff. So today I decided to start with the development part, so it means with draping. What I have with me are; my leather and tread samples and some fabric I took with me from Switzerland that could match with my ideas.

I am not a development and draping person if you know what I mean with it. I really enjoy and like to do research for a theme and learn and discover a lot of things about artists, designers, or create things by myself. And then of course the best bit is to develop your own collection ideas and draw what you want following with the process making and see at the end the great final piece. I am more technical than someone who develop, I don’t know if it is correct what  I said, I mean the way as I said it. Any way, so today I started, I haven’t finish yet, I am still thinking how I can do it. I got ideas about ponchos, V necklines and open shoulders, but I am still thinking. The leather samples, I made it as a detail and put it a little bit everywhere. But I still have the feeling that with the draping part I can’t really represent Switzerland so I need to check all this.


In the afternoon, when I went back home, I wanted to do more fabric manipulations, I got and idea and found that was a perfect structure and colour to show Switzerland. What to you think?

It is the one below, a vichy coton fabric and red thread. I pleated the fabric and put a thread between so it held all the pleats. After this, I took the red thread and started to take apart always to pleats to saw them by hand.

So here is the final result. But what I saw is that you need a lot of fabric to make it, because even I took a quite big bit, the sample is a little bit small, but the result for my is stunning and represent as I what Switzerland, just with a structure.

The other one I mad, is very loos and delicate one, perfect to add it as a detail on the sleeves or the neckline. So I cut circles and cut in half, I just put them straight on the base fabric and saw them. Normally to make it properly it is better to use the sewing machine but because I was at home doing it, I made it by hand. It is a pretty easy technique but it takes quite a lot of time.

I enjoyed doing this at home, and I will see tomorrow how I could use it is my development part.


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