Final major project –  Draping

Thursday the 27th of April 2017,

I had have started to drape already on Wednesday, just looking at the leather samples I have created, but otherwise nothing else. So I continued with my draping work, getting inspired by all the research I have done previously.

I explored shapes using fabric and calico. In the ones I made, there are ponchos and cloaks inspiration; why? well ponchos are a very typical cloth from South America and cloaks have been worn a lot in the 1940s. in Switzerland for many reasons again, to protect themselves from the cold and so on. I looked also for V necklines and open shoulders and flares.

For the flares I was looking for thick calico, but at school there was only medium thickness, but there was something, I have no idea how you call it in English even in French I have no idea, but it is something that you put in your room to arrange things inside, something like this. Any way I took it, I asked before if I can use it of course, I unpicked each layer to make a large flat calico piece. First of all, to create the circle shapes, I drew and cut on paper to see the size and the shape of the circle, and then I put this pattern on the calico piece and cut around. Ones I got the circle, I cut in the middle of it straight, so I can open the circle and make a straight line, like a half moon but with a lot of flare. Later on I just played with it looking where it could go and so on.



I have the idea of how I can show Colombia throughout the drapes, but honestly I am still thinking how to represent Switzerland. The Swiss style, is straight, chic and precise, but for the project I think I will more show it throughout motifs, details then anything else I guess, I will see, I still need to think about it. Colombia, of Course will be shown with bright colours and the hand made shapes…

That is actually the whole difficulty of my project, since the beginning I knew that it won’t be easy, because I am working with two complete different countries, traditions and styles, but since the beginning that has been my challenge and I really want to show that I am able to do something with these two.

Here I looked for a detail example with the leather and thread samples I made. I like the idea of showing I detail or a shape throughout that kind of circles that remind me of patches, it is like a reminder of mosaics, it keeps a connection between each piece, it is like a symbol of root and fusion.

I just showed few examples of drapes, but there are lots more, it is just to give you an overview of it. Well I need to carry on with this development and I will see how it comes out.


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