Final major project – Drapes and sketches

Friday the 28th of April 2017,
On Wednesday and Thursady I was working on drapes on the mannequin. I am sure I can do lots more but today I decided to print them out and start to make the observational drawings and some development sketches from it. Maybe later I could do more but for the moment I stay with those already made. 

I just wanted to say that lookind at my timetable I am few days in advance, that is really good, and it won’t affect at all my work, I will use this time on my final piece that I said I would like to spend on it two weeks, but as I want to make my own textile and texture, it will take me more time, so I use it fully anx that is great and positif.

So I spend the whole day cutting out and stick every picture in a logical order, so it would be more easier to think and make development from it.

I started with those where I put the leather detail a little bit everywhere on the body, I looked where it would look better and also from it how I will be able to develop to a technic to show Swiss leather work. I made very quick sketches, but I will made them properly and add colour this weekend.

On the next following pages, I worked with these grey wooly fabric drapes. These remind me ponchos and cloaks, I got great ideas how I could develop them and add nice details on it. Perhaps I will use this idea in my final piece, I still have to think about it. But my idea is to have a poncho or a cloak, the basic ones I guess, and then when you open it, inside there is a world of embroidery. It seems very big and a lot of work but if my time is organised I am sure I can do it. 

To go forwards, I haven’t decided yet how I am going to develop the other drapes inspired by flares I created, but I will think about it this weekend either. 

So there wasn’t that much to say, but it is what I have done today, There is just a lot of work waitting for me and I also have to start to write my first paragraph for my essay, so you see….

I will try however to plan my weekend, because I don’t want to work the whole day, that is not very good, I will need a break and go out to catch fresh air and walk and then come back….


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