Final major project – drapes, sketches and essay

Weekend the 29th and 30th of April 2017,

Friday, I spent the day printing out all my drapes ideas, and also look in which logical order they could go. I spent also few minutes thinking about the development of each drape, to be able to accord them with Swiss inspiration. There few I made this weekend, I haven’t finished yet, but almost.

Here I used my leather and thread samples as detail on a part of the body on the cloth. I wanted to look different ways to move around and have a nice aesthetic look. When I was doing my drawings, I had an idea of collar, I cut rectangle, embroidered all around with coloured thread and sew them together with the same technique as my samples. Ones you finished this part , I imagined that you can sew it afterwards to the cloth, and would make a nice collar. Of course, in the back there will be something to open and close it.

after this, I was thinking how I could use leather for Switzerland, I thought about the previous clothes in the past generation. I got dew ideas and drew them down. As well, the idea of patches came in my mind, it is similar to mosaics to keep a connection, and also similar to the leather samples, just instead of leather it would be fabric denim surrounded of embroidered stitches and inside an embroidery of Swiss traditions. Actually this idea came from a photograph My grandfather had, when he was in the army and on his uniform he had that kind of similar patches.

To continue, when I draped, I had this wooly grey fabric, very nice one, and that remind me the texture of ponchos and cloaks, so I just started to do what I could with this piece of fabric and created this shapes on the mannequin.

Of course then, there has been the development of ponchos and cloaks to represent Switzerland, don’t forget it. My idea, has ben, that outside it is a typical South American Ponchos, hold with two leather shapes. But when you open it, a whole embroidered world showing Switzerland appear, with a lot of details, and very specific shapes. That is one idea, just to show Switzerland. On the other hand, the idea is to separate in the half, and in each half on the top, there is a typical symbol that represents each country, a little down there will be two hands, as a symbol of fusion between each other, that is my idea…

On the next page, you can see a process how I made flare, there are much more drape sin the next pages but I haven’t finished yet, so you will need to wait…


I just wanted to talk quickly about my essay. With the research I could do in the last Contextual and Critical studies lesson, I started to write my essay, the two first topics, I am very happy about it because I thought a lot about it and didn’t want to write it in the last minute. first of all I didn’t know how to start with the first sentence to introduce the topic. I just started and every thing came in my mind, I just wrote, that’s it. I wrote my essay on a piece of paper, because I don’t have a computer, but a will retype it at school, I have to add any way more specific details to make it more clear, but otherwise I am very happy with my idea of essay. Just to specify, I started to talk about global culture and then go down to cultural fusion in fashion.


So that was it for this weekend, I still have to finish few drapes drawing and then I guess I would be able to start to draw my collection…


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