Final major project

Monday the 1st of May 2017,

Today it is Bank holiday and it means that we are free. However I went to school anyway to work and actually to use the computer.

I do not have to say that much today in this blog, because as I do not have a computer, I went to school to write my essay on word. If you remember, I wrote the first two topics and the introduction on a piece of paper, so I just transferred it on word. I spend almost one hour and a half to rewrite everything, because I also made other research to make it more clear and give more details if possible. While I was writing, I found myself in the essay, discussing about cultural identity, the past and how people grow with it. I feel very involved in it.

So I just wrote my essay as usual and then I had to do other things, like print out photographs I took in Switzerland for the project and do on. As a tutor explained me how exactly do the bibliography, I had to change the order in my essay bibliography to made it correct…

What else did I do? yes, just the essay, the bibliography and of course, On UCAS I received finally all the answers of Universities, and finally I can continue with my application for Bath Spa University, as it is my firm choice since the beginning. But before to make my choice I talked with my parents about it, just to tell them that I can continue with it. They have been very happy for me. So I did this and then I went back home.

I just wanted to tell, that I watched a movie, not a banal one, but a real one with a message that makes you think and I felt that there is something similar with my essay;

The movie is called; Camp X Ray, so actually it is a young lady that has been engaged in the american army, the heads sent her to the prison of Guantanamo, as guardian for a group of Arabic prisoners. As they do not like women, they made her life impossible, but just only one was very kind to her and they created a friendship. The superiors always said that you have to be strict with them, do not let them come in you head, do not tell them your name, do not talk to them, all these rules, but at the end, all these rules where because of the different cultural identity and religion of each other, but why this. We are all different but not as much as all thinks. I do not know if you understood the context but if you like that kind of movie you should watch it, there is something very strong…


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