Final major project – Collection

Thursday the 4th of May 2017,


As you can see I started a new chapter in this project. Indeed I bought a new sketchbook, because I finished the first one. To explain you exactly, because there not a lot left, just the collection, process making and final photoshoot. I thought about if I should buy the same sketchbook than the first one, there are 92 pages and I do not know if I can finish them all… Any way, I bought it, because it continues with the the project, I like the size and the landscapes pages, it doesn’t matter if I can not finish it, I will try to do the most possible and let’s see later.

So here I started with empty pages to fill in… I started to do the drawings first, but at the beginning I planned to do an introduction and some reflective writing later. I love to write and so that why for the last bit, I decided to write a lot. I guess.

Just below you can see two hands, a man’s and a women’s one. Why? I started the sketchbook like this, because for me it is the fusion, the connection of many years, between a man and a women, to have been able to combine origins and roots from countries separated of hundred and hundred of kilometres… And here I started again with my homage.

You will see four colourful pages, on them, a person dressed up with a piece of cloths. So my idea has been, to separate my collection in sections; Flare, thread, patches and embroidery, on each pages there will be the front and the back of every design and then at the end of designing my collection. The last one will be the fusion of all of them showing Swiss and Colombian style.





I have big ideas, but to be honest I am a little bit scared about it. I planned to work on my final piece during three weeks, because of my goal to make everything by hand as the traditions want. Of course I will use a little bit the machine but yes, the idea is to use human’s hands to create something, so now I have to draw my design ideas and let’s see how the out come will look like.


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