Final major project – Drapes

Wednesday the 3rd of May 2017,


Here I am again, well I am very happy, because today I could finish all my drapes and sketches, so it means that tomorrow I can carry on with the development of my collection, I am super excited for this, because I have a lot of ideas…

So just to talk about the last pages  I made. The one below, as been influences by the traditional dresses in Colombia, it is funny because when I looked at it, the Colours remind me Switzerland; white and red. These dresses are very loose and thin, to be able to dance, but also because it is so warm, so all the dresses are made with the thinnest fabric, cotton, a very fresh textile for hot temperatures.


On the next pages, I just developed the drapes, transforming them in a blouse or light textile on the body. I used different colours for them, as an inspiration from the colour board, but also reminding colours from South America.

I always used different techniques for each page as you can see, I just wanted to experiment and demonstrate different ways to show Latin vibes if I can say so…

There is a development for each drape. I tried to add the fabric samples I created at the beginning and add them as a detail of the piece of cloth.


You might think, where is Switzerland in all this. Well if you can remember, I made much more drapes at the beginning with the development of Swiss style, however of course it is not enough. The reason why is that is difficult to drape Switzerland as the styles are very straight and chic, they do not have special textile structures, that why. But don’t worry, I have great plans for the collection, where I will fully use all the research I have done, and hopefully recognise both origins…


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