Final major project – Essay

Tuesday the 2nd of May 2017,

So today basically, I continued with the research for my essay during my contextual and critical studies lessons. As you know I started to write my introduction and the two first topics of my critical essay. Now today I decided to carry on, with the last bit of it, so it means about Colombia and Switzerland.

I just wanted to tell you either that when I do the research, I write everything down in my research notebook, as you can see below, there are few pages of research, well I have much more, but I did not want to put all the pages in this blog.

So coming back about my last topic, I said that I wanted to talk about Colombia and Switzerland, but I do not know exactly in which way. Actually I thought maybe to talk about more personal experiences and add critical research, but there is that difficulty of making people understand what exactly is going on in a brain of multiculturalism as mine, well I will try to make it logical and comprehensible.

Otherwise, so during my research of today, I looked a little bit about everything what is going on in each country, cultural traditions, behaviour, life style and so on. There are so many things I would like to talk about in this last topic, of course my final major project is also about this part, so I guess it is normal.

What happen in the past, that make us feel like we are right now? That is the problematic. In the last topic, the word identity will still remain, and also use the knowledge of handcraft work and it evolved and so on… Just to make clear, the research I found, have been found on official websites of each country, they are the most clear and people who write them know what they are talking about, because they are form Colombia or Switzerland.

So That was it, normally this weekend I am going to write the last part and then add photographs to support my essay and probably add more details and after this I would like to give it to someone to correct it.



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