Final Major project – Collection

Friday the 5th of May 2017,


As you can imagine, today I started concretely my design ideas as collection for the project. As I explain in the blog from yesterday, I separated the designs in four sections, each with a speciality of all my researches. In these I am not really going to draw a whole suit, because the idea is to focus on one part of the body, the top or the bottom, to draw them in detail, and then the idea is that ones I finished all the sections, I will create a new line of six pieces I guess, and on them, a whole mix of each section and that will create the fusion of every detail and at the end to come out with an original final pice.

Well, actually I already know how my final piece will look like, but I am not going to tell you. You will see at the end of the collection.

So I started to sketch my ideas, of course I will redraw them properly ones I put all the details on them and ones I am satisfied of the drawing. To explain, I went back in my first sketchbook and looked at all the researches, drawings and so on that I made, I got inspired by them, I thought how I could look like if I combined this with another one, and so I continued the whole day, thinking, reflecting and all what designs ideas need to be understood. I really try to do my best, as I have ideas but I have to show them the most clearly possible, so well I hope it is alright.

Unfortunately I have nothing to show you today, but you will be able to see what I have done during the weekend. To tell you I even found how I would like to make my illustration, with my own ideas and developed from actually everything you may see in my previous sketchbook.



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