Final major project – Collection

Weekend 6th and 7th of May 2017,


I have to explain you something, before I start to tell what I have done during the weekend. I do not know or I do not remember if I already told you how to understand and how to proceed with my collection…

Well I explain you again. When you will see the collection without reading my introduction you will maybe think that the designs do not have any thing special, they are not original or innovative, maybe I don’t know what your are going to think. But here I come with my explanation. So, as you may know I separated the collection in four sections, chapters. The first one is flares, the second one threads, then patches and finally embroidery. For each section I focus on one part, it can be the top or the bottom or even just focusing on a small detail on the pieces of clothing. So that why you may see most of the time the same piece and wondering why it is always the same and nothing interesting comes out?

All the four sections have been taken back from all the research from my previous sketchbook, I did not miss anything, because everything, all the photographs, drawings, writings have a meaning, something strong and interesting to develop.

Well after I have drown the four sections, a fifth chapter open, this one, is everything, all the four sections in a collection of six designs. Here it becomes to be interesting, because as I said this chapter; flares, threads, patches and embroidery will meet to create a collection and after this make the final piece coming out. Is it not fantastic, well I feel very excited about my idea. When it came in my mind, I was so happy, because if you really think about it, the logic in my project continues, at the end everything are fused together as my generation, as my roots, to that is really something big for me….


Well so I explained, I hope that you understood my concept. I just wanted to show you few drawings, not all but just so you can have an idea of each chapter, I put them in the right order so you can see. Something else I wanted to tell you is my illustration idea, the body is white and ‘grey’ but like black and white, kind of vintage, old colour, but the garment is colour full and bright. I just wanted to say that.

Flares on the top on the body.

Here the threads.

I got the idea of making a collar, of course you might think how threads can make a collar and keep the shape of it. well I thought the top can be made with leather, something strong, and the bottom too. It is a physical thinking but it works.

Patches, as sleeves


or as a detail on the back.


Embroidery, well here it comes with the Swiss detail.

I already drew the Sixth chapter for the final collection. I do. not know if it is me, but this face has something not correct, something strange, don’t you think so?


Well so, I have to say that this weekend has been something special, I almost arrive at the time where I will start my final piece, and honestly it scares my a lot, I don’t know why, but this project since the beginning has been so important for me that I wanted to transmit all this in the pice I am going to make so I think that is the reason…



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