Final major project – Collection

Monday the 8th of May 2017,


So here there are, the six final designs of the collection.

As you know I took as inspiration the four previous chapter and combined them together. Well you might think where is the embroidery? The embroidery will specifically be for the final piece, where I have a good idea but I have to check how I plan to do it.

To explain you, my idea of designs where inspired by Johanna Ortiz and Bally’s designs, fresh, wearable for any occasions and detailed until the last thread. The principal idea, is to have the precision of the Swiss bit but also in this theme, there will be the embroidery that I will add on the final piece. One hundred percent Swiss. In the other hand Colombia and the South American style, is shown throughout bright colours and threads. Do you remember at the beginning when I made my moodboard with these little paper cuts, and said that this is the connection between everything, well here you can see it through the patches stitched together. I really tried to bring everything together and consider all the research and ideas, I did not let down anything and that is very important for me, just consider everything as useful and interesting but also innovative.

You know, when I design, I always think about who could wear my designs, what kind of person, is it for any occasions, or only specific ones, is it for day or night? All this are part of my thinking and what I learnt already and I do not want to go away from this. It is my personality and if I create something that doesn’t have any logic behind, that nobody can wear it, it is just not me and personally it is a waste. I am honest, it is just to make clear and understand my thinking, but it is also to consider the project; Switzerland, you will never see something too crazy, it is innovative but in the simple, detailed and fresh way. So there I am to start with the making….


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