Final major project – Essay

Tuesday the 9th of May 2017,

 Today for my Contextual and critical studies lesson, I continued with my essay research to complete it as well as possible. Well today it was the big surprise to hear that actually we have to finish to write the essay and hand it in on the 23rd of May, so basically in two weeks. I am fortunate that I only need to write the last topic that I already started to write and the conclusion, I do not have to forget either to add photographs…

Last week a tutor showed me a designer that created amazing bags. So today I researched about it and so it is Christian Louboutin , the shoe designer and for the new season he decided to collaborate with an association from Mexico called Taller Maya, they work with local indigenous from the Yucatan peninsula and help them to live from their art craft skills; hand woven cotton, hand painted beads and lots more. Some of the artisans learnt the these unique skills from their grandmothers and great grand mothers, techniques that are lost but still remain thanks to this kind of organisation. So for Christian Louboutin it was normal to work with them and create a serie of colourful beaded and textiled bags. 

When I red this article, I knew that I had to put it in my essay as example of the high fashion industry that look for quality and authenticity, skills learnt and thaught during centuries.


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