Final major project – Calico final piece

Wednesday the 10th of May 2017,


Finally the sun is back… it makes me so much happier, the light touch on my face, it changes everything.

I had a great life drawing lesson this mooring, well I am very happy with my drawings, not like last week where all my drawings were horribly made. So yes it was really nice.


As you may know today my plan was to start with the making of my final piece. before doing it in the final fabric I decided to do it in calico, it  is always better to see the approximative result before doing it and cut out in the real fabric, it would be really a shame to ruin what you bought. Well any way, so I will do shorts and a jacket. On the short, my idea is to give it a lot of godet, so I made the pattern as I thought, on in the grain line the other one in biais so see the different of the fabric. When I tried it on, both weren’t what I wanted, I have to extent more the bottom from the waste. make it shorter, and definitely put the pattern in the grain line, because the one in biais, on the back it is not good at all. So I just have to do this, and I think I will try to do it in the thinest calico maybe there will be a better difference than the thicker one. Let’s see.

For the jacket, well I took the raglan jacket pattern, because I had this vision of my final jacket, but finally when I tried it on, the result wasn’t at all what I wanted. So I thought instead on doing thousands of modification, I will take the basic pattern, and modify it, it is much better. And I won’t need the sleeves any way because they will be made in a different way so that is fine.

I really hope that tomorrow, the calico example will be how I want them, I so I will be able to continue with the making, To tell you, that is the easy part but I have to organised because don’t forget that I have the hand made part and that takes much more time. But it will be alright I am sure.


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