Final major project – Making

Thursday the 11th of May 2017,


Today I continued with the process of the making for  my final piece. Yesterday I wasn’t satisfied at all with my calico pattern and the shape of them, it wasn’t really what I expected. So by my own I did all the modification necessary about it. As you can see below for the jacket I completely changed the pattern, instead I took the basic one. But in this case I did very small changes on it and made it a little bit wider, but that is it.

For the s short now, I did a lot, I made the bottom of the short much wider from the waste, so when it falls it makes nice godet. I also changed the calico, instead of the thicker one, that gave me a result that I did’t like at all, I took the thiner one, the one that is almost like my fabric. So I made this changes and did my short in the calico  with the usual process. When I tried it on, it was just perfect, everything, the width, the size, just everything, I was really happy at that time.


So later on I decided to start making it in the real fabric, a thin blue cotton. I really made it precisely as I know, after all I have to show the Swiss precision… well just to tell  you that the cotton on will not be alone,, because it is quite thin, my idea is to add like a linen fabric underneath, a blue a little bit darker but slightly, but so the linen will give to the godet and to the shape of the short more movement and the fall of the fabric more nicer. I just forgot to buy it so I will go tomorrow morning. The underneath one fabric doesn’t need to be to well finish inside because we won’t see it and it will be attached to the cotton one. I will try to finish it tomorrow precisely with the details and so on, so I can continue with the process of the other pieces I have to make.



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