Final major project – Making

Friday the 12th of May 2017,

Without loosing any time, but taking my time, I went to buy the other fabric I needed to continue with my short. I wanted like a blue, but a little bit more brighter and king of rustic and I found one, a mixed cotton and linen, perfect combination.

So I bought it and went back to school, actually I did the same process for the first short, exactly the same, I just added more seam allowance at the bottom for the hem. But yes otherwise it has been the exact process.

Well, when it came to put both together. I just put the wrong side against the wrong side, so when you look inside the short, everything is very clear. I did some stitches in de middle inside so every side matches with each other.

Then first of all, I finished the waste properly just in doing, a seam at one millimetre from the edge. As my design and my idea is, I took my bright pink thread, and did stitches by hand on each side of the short, It gives a style and also it makes everything fresher and new. Before doing it by hand I just wanted to see if it possible to do it with the machine, but it failed, because the thread is to thick and it didn’t go on the machine and through the needle.

Any way, so I spent the whole day finishing the short, with all the details I wanted, like on my drawing. When I went back home, I continued working on my short, because I don’t need the machine anymore for this one, only m y hands, so I finished it with the same process doing stitches on the hem.

I am very happy with the result of this first piece, because with the double fabrics, it gives movement to everything and it is the idea of all the research I have done, about the South American style, so that it really great. Now I have to carry on, because a lot more hand made is waiting for me….


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