Final major project – Making

Weekend the 13th and 14th of May 2017,


It has been a very busy weekend for me personally, I continued to work on the short, the opening needed to be finished. As you can see below, I created my own opening system, made with a big round knot and then added to the short. Can you imagine, that only for eight knots it took me two hours, All this seems easy and fast but in fact it isn’t, it take a lot of time, to do it properly. It has been made so properly that you could even wear the short on both side, that surprised a lot and I wasn’t expecting this at all, but I am very happy about it, since the beginning I wanted to do it like this anyway and I have been able to do it. On Monday I will just need to finish a little detail but it doesn’t take that much time so it is alright.

I went to school on Saturday to work on my essay, but of course I forgot my notebook where I wrote all my researches for the last topic, so I couldn’t really go forwards with it, so instead I researched some photographs to include in it.

The other thing I wanted to do, was to print the process of my short and all the stuff I already made, but the printer didn’t work, even the one in graphics, well I couldn’t make it work, so I couldn’t do what I wanted. But later on, I went to buy fabric to continue with my piece. I found great fabric that will match perfectly with everything. Rustic and bright.

On Sunday I started to make the jacket as you can see below. It doesn’t seems amazing but it is, there is lots more to come.

Well , I finished all the process with the sewing machine, now the machine are my hands, the hand made is coming, but I think it is the most exiting part of the whole piece.


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