Final major project –  Making sleeves

Monday the 15th of May 2017,


What can I say for today…

Well, I started to make the jacket, the jacket is done but I have now to create the sleeves for it. As you can see below, the sleeves will be made with this kind of shape,inspired by patches and the connection between mosaics. These patches have double side colour, one pink like this and the other side bright orange. Also the thread is orange. I decide to work with these colours because so there is a unification between the short the jacket and later on the short, my goal is really to create a whole ensemble.

The detail I made around the shape is all hand made, it is my favourite stitch I have learn  in my previous art and fashion school. It is called buttonhole stitch and I love it. I do  not know why but the shape it makes at the end is really nice and when it is made properly the result is very nice either. So I have to make quite a lot to be able to make two full sleeves.

In the afternoon I had another tutorial, peer assessment and we had to work in group of two without the tutors. It went quite well, we had to check what we did well and what we have to improve to attend the criteria and so on. The classmate I worked with said that I have to add more artists, well for me there are enough in my opinion, it doesn’t matter, everyone has its proper opinion about the work and it is nice to talk about,otherwise nothing special, I just have to write some annotations on my designs and finish my final design, I drew it and put annotation about the colour I want and so on, but I just have to put the colour and that’s it.


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