Final major project – Making sleeves

Wednesday the 17th of May 2017,

A normal Wednesday as usual, with my life drawing lesson in the morning, that went very well and I am very happy about. Nothing else to say, just that next week it will one of our last life drawing lessons normally and that we will go to the botanical garden, that will be really great, I hope it will be nice weather…

So my plan today was to start with sewing the sleeves on the jacket. It went very good, I experimented the shape, so I put the jacket on the mannequin and looked at the shape. Actually I have already an idea, I would like it short and wide, to have a relation with the bottom. I sew first of all the patches that will be stitched on the jacket, ones I did this I started to look for the sleeve. Well Unfortunately I noticed that I do not have enough patches to make to shape of the sleeve, I do not have other choices to make few mores and I think I will do it tonight when I will go back home. So otherwise, that’s it what I have done in school today, I just looked at the sleeves and did some stitches to the jacket to finish it properly.

Ones I arrived at home, because I noticed that there was missing patches to complete the jacket, so I decided to make ten more for each side, so in total there will be thirty patches for each sleeve. I started to make, an guess what? two hours to make only ten patches, and I still need to make ten more. I just decided to make one side and complete the sleeve and the other side will be made tomorrow.

It is a lot and hard work, my hands and fingers hurt a lot, but I gave me this challenge and I have to finish it as homage to my roots.


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