Final major project – Jacket


Thursday the 18th of May 2017,

Well I still need to continue with the jacket, what I have to do is to be done with the sleeves and start making the embroidery on the back of the jacket.

It went very well, I stitched all the patches together to create the sleeve, and the result is amazing I am very happy about it, because it is really the shape I expected and how I drew it on my design. The thing is that there is still missing some patches to fill to sleeve completely, so I will need to make some more, I count and at least twelve for each sleeve, and the other thing is that I do not have the orange thread anymore, I finished it all, so I will need to find a similar one, because the thread is not form here but from Switzerland so I will have a look here in Cambridge.


Otherwise, in the afternoon I started to make the embroidery, as in my design, and as my idea is, I planned to create a Swiss embroidery, showing really Swiss symbols that represent it very well. The colours I decided to work with, are still taken from my colour board I made and I chose quite bright colour that could match with the sleeves and actually the whole ensemble. The embroidery that I will make, is like this, on the back in the middle the will be a very big edelweiss surrounded by mountains and other things, I do not know how to explain it really. But what I want is to make a nice surprise, so nothing else. I need to make more patches and finished the embroidery.


My plan for tomorrow is the start the third piece, like a top, It is all made with threads and fabrics underneath to hold every thing, will leather and bright colour.

I really would like to do the photoshoot next week, but I think it will be alright I am optimist…


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