Final major project – Making the top

Friday the 19th of May 2017,

I am very happy, the reason is because Started to make my third and last piece; the top. even I haven’t finished the jacket yet because of the missing threads. I will buy more tomorrow, so as I said I started to make it. Ones I didn’t have much things to do, so I decided to make a part of the top, the hand made one. It is made with thick thread and I just made knots and pull everything to make it longer. I think in total I made 40 threads shapes.

So today first of all I started to make the shape of the top, it is short, and shows perfectly the neck and shoulder line. I combine two colours together as in the short to have a nice ensemble. It has a combination between each other with pink thread and stitches. How can I explain all the process, well I cut the pattern, and before sew everything together I stitched all the threads on the front where the breast is. Is has been a quite difficult process to be able that nothing moves, but well I have been able to do it and the result is just wonderful, I am very happy about it. I made stitches and seams on the edge, everything in a precise way, well I tried because it has been quite difficult to manipulate four things in the same time, so it went well.

I spent the whole day doing this, and I have to say that I am very glad that I made these thick threads shapes ones when I had time at home, because it takes a lot of time even it looks very easy, but if I wouldn’t have done this a night I would have spent the day doing this and time is precious, so I am very thankful to have done them.

That is it, I still need to finish it during the weekend with the jacket and normally next week it will be done. But I am super happy, even more happy than happy about all the results of my final piece and creation.


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