Final major project – 

Weekend the 20th and 21rst of May 2017,

I did quite a lot during the weekend. First of all on Saturday, I went to school to finish my essay because it is for next Tuesday, I finished to write the last topic about Switzerland and Colombia, I also added some images to improve the essay. I wanted to do much more, like print out more process making to stock in the sketchbook and explain, well my process of making my final piece, but I do not know what happened suddenly the power went off in the whole school, the computers shut down and nothing were working. The staff just said that we will have to wait, but instead to wait, I went to John Lewis to buy more thread to finish my jacket,  because I did not have enough to finish the sleeves and the embroidery. So I went and when I came back it still did not works I went back home.

At home I worked on my sketchbook, I pout on a page all the fabrics I was using for the final piece, and wrote some explanation. The textiles and skin I decided to use are 100% natural fibres, I choose like this because of course I am doing an homage to the past and handcrafts and in the past, synthetic textiles did not exist. As well as I have chosen bright and neutral colours that could match together to make the combination between Switzerland and Colombia.

Ones I finished this, I explained my process in the next pages, starting from the construction of calico to the experimentation and further on the start of making with the real fabric. I showed every process even the small stitches and hand made stitches, just everything so it is nice and clear.

In the evening I continued with the top. All around the edge I sew by hand a very nice embroidered ribbon, for me is is related to the hand made ribbons made in Switzerland and a similarity to the lace from St Gallen, the most famous one in the World. So I finished the top and I am very pleased with it.

On Sunday, I went back to school, and hoped that the power was back. Fortunately, I was able to continue with my essay and finish it, but well my problem is that I have to much words and I removed already quite a lot to make it shorter, but I still have to much. I do not understand why there is a maximum, I agree with the minimum, but we should be free to write as much as we want. I do not have that much words but to much anyway.

When I went back home, I continued with the process of my jacket, I needed to make more patches to fill the sleeves, 12 for each sleeve in total. So actually I spent my whole afternoon doing this, because it takes a lot of time even it looks very easy.

So that was it of ray weekend, I would like to finish the jacket tomorrow, so I could do the photoshoot on Thursday, I have an idea how I would like to do it, and I would like to use the colourful background in the photography studio but I had to ask if I can go.



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