Final major project – Essay

Tuesday the 23rd of May 2017,


Well it is done, I finally hand in my essay. I have to say that is has been a very long and thoughtful process, but I am very happy with what I have written and I hope it will come out very well. Yes so otherwise, I stayed at school to complete my folder, so what I still have to add for next week and so on, I also looked forward to organise my photoshoot on Thursday with hair and makeup idea, and other things.

You know I was thinking, an outfit without shoes is not a complete outfit, so as you can imagine, I decides to create my own shoes that will match perfectly with what I have created.

You know you can buy these soles and makes you own shoes- espadrilles. 

So my concept is still create a pair of espadrilles, solid and good quality. I went back to my research and I remembered the shoe maker Bally before he bacame gamous worldwide. I rememeber his story where he wanted to create the best leather shoe quality. Bally at this time was the most innovative man and so leather bacame an embleme of perfection.

So as you can imagine, I am going to use leather and to make it more colourful, I will use bright pink thread. 

In the box there was given the pattern and explained everything. So I cut the pattern and made the shape I wanted. Of course later on I made the holes on the leather to be able to go through with the thread. 

I made the stitches and ones I was ready I saw them strongly on the soles.

I spent the afternoon doing this and I really enjoyed it. The result is fantastic and I am looking forward to wear them for the photoshoot. 

I have to say that today has been a wonderful day!


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