Final major project – Jacket

Monday the 22nd of May 2017,

Well nothing has changed, Today I still needed to continue with the jacket. My plan was to finish it completely, with the sleeves done and the embroidery on the back.

To not loose time, yesterday I did the patches, I needed to make 12 more for each sleeve, then this morning I saw them together to the jacket and to the other patches. Guess what? It took me the whole day, just to sae them together, it is a lot of work, it is difficult to believe but it id the truth. But I have to say thanks god I have been able to finish it today. 54 patches in total, 4 days work on the sleeves, I just can not believe that I did it, I am so happy, that is really incredible, and the result is for me stunning, new and innovative, I have never seen this somewhere else before!

As I said I spent the whole day doing this, I haven’t done any thing else. During my lunch break I saw a fashion promotion teacher, the thing is that my idea for the photoshoot is to use the colourful backgrounds they have in the photography studio, I know it is difficult to have the availability of the studio because there are the fashion promotion and photography student, but I asked the teacher anyway and he said yes without problem. I am very happy. So I have the studio on Thursday morning, so that is perfect, I am very thankful.

Ones I came back home, I decided to continue with my work. I really want to finish the jacket today to I continued with the embroidery on the back of the jacket. I have to say it is just fantastic. You know the sleeves make already a style to the simple jacket, but with the embroidery with the colourful threads, it is even much better and it shows exactly my thoughts.

It has been an amazing day even I was quite tired, and all the muscles of my hands were is pain, but all this pain and fatigue were worth to give the result to all this amazing hand made piece.


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