Final major project – Process making

Wednesday the 24th of May 2017,

I had a very nice morning in life drawing, well we did not do life drawing, but because it was the last lesson of the year, so we went to the botanical garden in Cambridge. I’ve been ones but it was October last year, and I just really could enjoy the tropical house. But that time there has been very nice flowers and the garden is very nice under the sunshine. What Enjoyed the most was the tropical house, where it is humid. It was not that humid but I felt very well inside because it reminded me Colombia. These tropical plants and flowers and it was so green, just wonderful, of course in Colombia it is much more humid and hot but it doesn’t matter, It has been a nice souvenir. So I spent the whole morning there with my classmates taking pictures and doing some small sketches to explore the shapes and colours. It is a strange feeling to think that it was the last life drawing lesson I had, because I do not know if I will have life drawing in the university I will go.

In the afternoon, as usual I had my fashion lesson. Because I finally finished my final piece, I worked on my sketchbook, so it means I finished to write all the process making and explained every stitch I made to be able to complete my work. It has been a very long process to finish my final major project piece, but I can say it, I am really proud of my work, I never been so happy and exited about it.

I also looked to plan my photoshoot that will held tomorrow morning. I looked for the hair style and the makeup, also if I will use accessories and so on.

I decided to tie my hair, make a high ponytail with a plait, it is much better because so we can see al the details. For the makeup, I decided to do a very delicate one, with pink orange colour, it does not have to be to strong because the garment is very full already.

So that was it, and I am looking forward for tomorrow, I hope the outcome will be great.


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