Final major project 

Friday the 26th of May 2017,

Well what I have done today was not that much. I’ve been working on my sketchbook to finish it properly, so it means about the drawings I have to add colour and finish to write annotations.

I have been asked to bring my two sketchbooks today, the reason is that apparently they would use work from students to create posters. It is a real pleasure to give my work to create posters, that is fantastic. I am looking forward to see the result. 

Otherwise what I have done today, was basically based on helping my classmates, because I have been asked to be the model of two of my classmates and I accepted with pleasure. So we did fitting and talked about the photo shoot. 

It has been a real nice day today and I enjoyed every moment. I helped as well a friend because the dress I am going to wear for the photo shoot is quite transparent so we had to look how to resolve the problem of it. We laughed a lot about it and so on. It was really nice. I would do anything to have a day like today. Seriously. 

So that was it for today. I told you, I haven’t that much today but I have done a lot to help my friends classmates to go forward with the projects. 

This weekend I plan to finish my drawings and start to think about the exhibition. But I think I am going t be alright. I am pretty sure.


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