Final major project – Photo shoot

Thursday the 25th of May 2017,

Today Thursday was a great day because I did my photo shoot in the photography centre and I could use the colourful backgrounds.

I asked a classmate to help me with it as photographer. I planned to have my garment, my pair of shoes I made and some accessories as well, I was really prepared to give Homage. However how can I do poses showing an Homage, that was the big question. I guess everything went through the garment and my personality, it was important to show the details, and the hand made. I am asking you, would you be able to recognise the origins of this garment without knowing me? I hope so…

John, the fashion promotion teacher was very helpful, He helped us to organise the studio and we could call him if we needed something, so that was really nice. In total, I decided to change three times the background, to have a large choice of results. I got blue, orange and pink. It needed to have a contrast with the colours of the piece. At the end I was not sure if using the  pink background is a good idea, because it could come out to pink because of the sleeves. But at the end with a positive surprise, the result has been fantastic, I am really happy. in total my classmate shot 246 photographs, from every angles. Some are very great, some are okay and some are very bad, but that is normal, not all the pictures can be great. But I got really really good ones and I am very proud of my work. I still can not believe that I made it. All this work, wow what a wonderful journey…


I am particularly proud of my jacket , of the embroidery on the back, that represent my wonderful Switzerland. Lovely mountains, a Edelweiss and a leaves crown.


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