Final major project – Exhibition idea

Weekend the 27th and 28th of May 2017,

I can tell you that it has been a great weekend, Because I had a lot of fun working at school. It sounds a little bit weird but actually it is because I helped two of my classmate friends to do the photo shoot. The first one was the one from Ana with the five senses, it took a lot of time to be able to wear her garment and make the adjustment but it went very well.

The second one was for Suzu, Wow her piece is amazing, with had a lot of fun together, we shot in the studio and outside as well. It was a very nice weather and the green of the trees and grass were so bright because of the sun that it matched perfectly with her theme and piece she made.

So, well I spent my Saturday being at school for the photo shoots, I do not regret it because it was great.

On Sunday I went back to school to write my evaluation and work on my exhibition idea. But finally, I helped Suzu to select the best pictures because she took such a lot that was difficult to choose, but it was alright. In the afternoon, another classmate was doing her photoshoot and I just stayed there to  look and help, it was great as well. Actually you can never be bored during a photoshoot, even your just looking or modelling.

I went back home, I really had to think about the exhibition plan, because the day is coming closer and if I want to do something nice, I have to start from now.

My first idea has been to create a genealogy tree, because as you know I pay homage to my roots and past generation. But I thought if I just draw a tree it is not going to be very nice, my place needs to be attracted by the eye. So I thought and I had an amazing idea. On one board there is going to be the photographs and the text. And there it comes, on the other board, I thought that form each top corner there is going to be a thick fabric or thread I still have to see, to on it there is going to be hanging a small king of tree or branches, the head down to make like the beginning of the roots. The branches will be surrounded with colourful thread and on it there will be my genealogy photographs hanging. The trunk will be painted white and on it I had the idea of painting Swiss and Colombian patterns.

So that is my idea of exhibition, well I have to find the perfect piece of wood to make the tree. I really hope it is going to work, because I would like to do it so. I will see and have a look in the parts if I find something.


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