Final major project – Exhibition idea

Monday the 29th and Tuesday the 30th of May 2017,


I put these two days together because I do not have enough to tell for each day. So let’s start it. On Monday, even it was Bank holiday, I went to school to work. What I have done was to write my final evaluation for my sketchbook and folder. I was able to do it already because I already did my photoshoot and I already had my plan for the exhibition. The thing is that I can not believe that I wrote such a lot. Four pages in total, I do not know but I wanted to tell such a lot about the project that I just kept writing, for me is was like a second essay. But the result is pretty nice and I like what I wrote to express the wonderful journey during the twelves week project.

After I did this, I had to think about my exhibition idea. Do you remember that I told you that my idea is to create a genealogy tree with real branches looking down. The thing is that is depend why kind of branches I find, and I will arrange my idea around it. And so well I went to have a walk in the park Jesus green, to see if I find a nice piece of wood. Fortunately I found two wonderful sticks and I pill its the surface is nicer. It was quite funny because people were looking at me and some of them they even asked me what I was going to do with these big wood branches. But I did not care, instead I enjoyed to have a conversation with people, so that was quite nice for me. I went back to school to leave them there and then I went home. The thing I have to tell you is that I did not find what I was expecting but I do not regret my found because I find these two pieces very nice and I am very sure that I will use them for my exhibition installation. However I thought that I will need to change my plan, so I did some other drawings and research.

On Tuesday, I did not have C&CS, but we still needed to go to be registered. It doesn’t matter, I mean I could print out my final bibliography and timetable, so it is done and I do not need to think about it. I also enjoyed to work with my wood sticks, as in my idea, I painted them in white, the reason is that I will put colourful threads and on white it will come out much better. So I worked on it and thought about my new exhibition idea. I really hope that it will work, and look nice.

So that was it for my two days at school. I am very happy, because I only need to print out my final photographs for the sketchbook and do the exhibition plan for the folder, but all this I will be able to do between tomorrow and Thursday!


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