Final major project –  Photo shoot

Wednesday the 31rst of May 2017,

Well, I think today has been one of my best days at CSVPA, but let’s start from the beginning.

I planned to do a second photo shoot because in the first one, I was happy with some of the photographs  but it wasn’t what I expected and what I wanted to give as message throughout my garment. I wasn’t disappointed for the first one, but you know when you have an idea behind your mind and at the end the result is  not at all what you wanted, it is a strange feeling but anyway.

My classmate Suzu who helped me for the photo shoot booked a place in the studio in the photography studio, but when we arrived there, there was an awkward atmosphere, the tutors weren’t in a very good mood it seemed to me, maybe because of the deadline and stress, I have no idea, but so they just told us that we have only 30 minutes left to do it. But how can you do a good photo shoot in 30 minutes? well, so ww went out, and we were quite disappointed, but at the end I decided to do it again in the fashion studio at lunch time with the grey background. I thought well with the grey background it is not going to be very  nice, but let’s try it anyway. And with my biggest surprise the photographs were amazing, the colours came out perfectly even better than with the colourful background, the contrast was stunning!

Then we were lucky and the sunshine came out. So I decided to do some shots outside. I knew that behind the school there some houses with colourful doors, I said okay let’s go there to have a look if something matches with my garment. just WOW, we find a very small street surrounded by houses and flowers and plants,  you could see all different colours of doors. pink, purple, light blue, red and so on. With my friend, we were king of super exited about it, we always had amazing ideas and every thing came naturally ,I mean the poses. And to tell you that my homage is well done. I do not want to pay a sad homage but a super happy one, I shouldn’t be sad for an homage, Why? I mean I am so lucky and thankful to be from two different countries and cultures and I so happy about it, so that why my happiness and south american and swiss style were shown in this photo shoot!



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