Final major project –

Thursday the 1st of June 2017,

Well, one day left before the final deadline and I only have to do two things to finish my whole work.

Actually I do not what to tell you, just that I tried to select the final photographs that I put in my sketchbook, I decided to show the three different photoshoots that I made. The one with the colourful backgrounds and the other ones outside and  with the grey background in the fashion studio.

Actually I do still need to make my final exhibition idea for the sketchbook and for the folder. I did it with photoshop, but first of all I scanned my drawing and the exhibition plan with the boards where we will stick our work. Then I just simply put everything together and added some annotation to better understand my idea of it. What I also added has been the text I wrote about my theme and also the photographs. However I put these photographs but I have no idea if I will keep them as final ones or if I will change them, I still have to think about it, but the example of pictures I show are good ones.

In the afternoon, I couldn’t believe that I am finally done, I mean after all this time…

Instead of doing nothing, I decided to help some of my classmate to finish everything, because tonight we are going to London for the BA fashion show so they have to work hard now before tomorrow. But I am pretty sure it is going to be alright.

So after school we went all to London by coach. It has been a very nice moment, I liked it a lot. If I have to talk about the piece of cloths the student made, I am more impressed the details than anything else. Colours and shapes were alright but everyone has its own style so I can not discuss about it, but I spent a very nice evening with my friends, and that is nice, because it changes of all the evening that we had working.

Tomorrow is finally the end of a long and short journey.


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