Final major project- Exhibition preparation

Friday the 2nd, Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th of June 2017,

I am going to make a blog for these three days so I have enough to talk about otherwise it doesn’t make sense to write just a little.

Well finally, Friday we handed in all our work, it is kind of relieved to think that after such a long time of hard work, all our researches and ideas go inside the hands of our tutors, but well I am optimistic and I am sure it will be alright…

On Friday I did not do that much, just hand in and that’s it, so I am going to tell you what I have done on Saturday and Sunday. Because on Wednesday we have to hand in the exhibition boards and all what comes with, so I worked on it. Talking about my installation, I paint a flower pot in white so it goes with the branches. You know for the board we can not put to many photographs because otherwise it seems to crowed and that is not really nice, so I decided to create like a booklet with my photographs and homage photographs so people could look at it. So on Saturday I did this, I painted my pot and created the booklet, well I am not finished yet and I have few questions about indesign but I think I can be done on time.

On Sunday I went back just an hour to complete may booklet but actually there is something wrong with it, the photographs have to many pixels and it is not really clear so I definitely need to ask the reason why. After this, I decided to stick already the branches in the pot, i thought first well I am going to use stones and so one, but where to find stones? I do not want to spend money on it. So I had the idea to stick the braces with strong glue and then make a decoration with this colourful paper that we have in class. In my big surprise the branches were standing and it worked, maybe I need to add a little more paper to make it more strong but in general it is great.

So that was it for my exhibition preparation, know I just have to print out many photographs and I will be done!


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