Final major project – Exhibition board

Monday the 5th of June 2017,

Today was the exhibition boards work. Actually at the beginning I did not know which pictures to choose to put on the board. My idea has been to use the two photoshoots I made and work with the colours. As well, the idea to  not put to much pictures on the board was important, because if it is to crowed it is not very nice and the simplest is sometimes better.

Fortunately, I ask for help to my classmates and tutors, as well as I contacted my family to ask them their opinion, and with all this I was able to choose. Well I knew approximatively which one were better than other, but a second opinion is always good.

I looked for the size and the colour setting. We were asked to go print the pictures in a professional place, but actually when I printed my photographs out I was really satisfied with the quality and the colours coming out, so I will keep it as it is.

I looked with the tutors the different places on the boards, I could choose between landscape and portrait and I will definitely choose landscape because it correspond better to my work. The tutors were happy with to choice of photographs, they liked the m mood and the expression of each of them. That made me feel very happy as well.




For the boards they just made me change a size of a pictures, make it bigger, and it worked very well. I am very happy with my board. the thing is that is is perfect, not to crowed and not to empty because next to the board there is going to be my installation so It is important it is not to much.



So yes otherwise ones I finished it, I decided to not stick it immediately, because I do not want to rush it and instead I will do it on Wednesday morning, I will come early before everyone is using the computer and printer. So that was it for today, I almost finished my little look book as well so I will print it tomorrow and the pictures for the genealogy tree are printed already, so everything is perfect.


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