Final major project – Exibition set up

Thursday the 8th of June 2017,


Well today was a big day, exhibition set up. I was prepared and ready to go over to Kings street with all my work and display everything.

I had to go four times between Bridge house and Kings street, because I had a lot to carry and it wasn’t really good to take everything at the same time. And beside that there was a lot of wind and it was quite funny to walk over there with all the thing moving, but anyway…

I am very happy with the place they’ve given to me. Right in the front and with a good luminosity and enough space. So I started to display my work. I had a very big vision of the space and of my work. I saw everything in big, but in fact I noticed that I had to do some modifications. So first of all I put my tree against the wall. I had another idea how to put it but the problem was that it is not very stable so I have to put it against the wall to make it stable. Actually my idea was to put the branches outside and not put them in the inside direction. So after this I pinned my photographs on the branches with push pins. One side Colombia, the other side Switzerland. I am very happy with the result and it looks good.

So after this I had to think about how I am going to show my garment, at the beginning I wanted to hang it on the branches but I noticed that it will be to much and not nice at all, so I had to find another solution.


Finally I got it. the most important was to find how to show the embroidery on the back of the jacket. And I thought, the front is nothing important, it is all in the sleeves and the back, so I just hang it to show the back against the wall. As well with my title, on it I hang the top and on a branch the short, and for me it looks very nice. However I had to ask the opinion of my totes and classmates because I do not want at all make it to crowed and destroy the real sense of my work.

after this I started to make my threading, it shows the connection and for me it is the continuity of the roots and branches going to the top.


I am very happy how it looks like. I spent the whole day doing this, and honestly I had a lot of fun working on my space, be able to show my concept, my emotion and say that we never have to forget our origins because they build our knowledge, thinking and creativity!


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