Final major project – Exhibition set up

Friday the 9th of May 2017,

Final day for everything, I mean it is the last time to be sure that the exhibition and all our work is displayed as with want, because then it will be to late to go back and change anything.

But so what I have done first of all, I decided to make another look book. It doesn’t mean I don’t like the first one I made, but I had another idea using the exact same photographs, I just put them in a new way on the pages. I printed them twice so people could see them. Other wise I went back to the exhibition and see if I would like to change anything. Because yesterday I did not know if I wanted to leave it like that or not. Maybe because I looked to much at it and then I did not what to do, but today with a new vision, I looked at it and decided to not touch it, that I will leave it like it is. I mean I do not want to make it to crowed but instead something fresh and nice. I thought maybe I would put more threads but finally not, and I am super happy with it and I hope sincerely that tutors and others who will marque it, that they feel the same thing than me.



After that, I did a little tour to see others work, but they haven’t finished yet so I will really see it the day of the exhibition.

But to say that for my exhibition set up I have been very  happy and I am proud of what I have done and I hope people would like it. But the most important is that I really feel my Homage about Switzerland and Colombia and that it the most important for me.

So that is it for today, I spent a wonderful moment during the project and the exhibition set up. I learnt a lot because there are things I’ve never done before and all this was very useful and incredibly interesting.

This is my final blog, a very wonderful moment!




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