Final major project – Exhibition set up

Friday the 9th of May 2017,

Final day for everything, I mean it is the last time to be sure that the exhibition and all our work is displayed as with want, because then it will be to late to go back and change anything.

But so what I have done first of all, I decided to make another look book. It doesn’t mean I don’t like the first one I made, but I had another idea using the exact same photographs, I just put them in a new way on the pages. I printed them twice so people could see them. Other wise I went back to the exhibition and see if I would like to change anything. Because yesterday I did not know if I wanted to leave it like that or not. Maybe because I looked to much at it and then I did not what to do, but today with a new vision, I looked at it and decided to not touch it, that I will leave it like it is. I mean I do not want to make it to crowed but instead something fresh and nice. I thought maybe I would put more threads but finally not, and I am super happy with it and I hope sincerely that tutors and others who will marque it, that they feel the same thing than me.



After that, I did a little tour to see others work, but they haven’t finished yet so I will really see it the day of the exhibition.

But to say that for my exhibition set up I have been very  happy and I am proud of what I have done and I hope people would like it. But the most important is that I really feel my Homage about Switzerland and Colombia and that it the most important for me.

So that is it for today, I spent a wonderful moment during the project and the exhibition set up. I learnt a lot because there are things I’ve never done before and all this was very useful and incredibly interesting.

This is my final blog, a very wonderful moment!




Final major project – Exibition set up

Thursday the 8th of June 2017,


Well today was a big day, exhibition set up. I was prepared and ready to go over to Kings street with all my work and display everything.

I had to go four times between Bridge house and Kings street, because I had a lot to carry and it wasn’t really good to take everything at the same time. And beside that there was a lot of wind and it was quite funny to walk over there with all the thing moving, but anyway…

I am very happy with the place they’ve given to me. Right in the front and with a good luminosity and enough space. So I started to display my work. I had a very big vision of the space and of my work. I saw everything in big, but in fact I noticed that I had to do some modifications. So first of all I put my tree against the wall. I had another idea how to put it but the problem was that it is not very stable so I have to put it against the wall to make it stable. Actually my idea was to put the branches outside and not put them in the inside direction. So after this I pinned my photographs on the branches with push pins. One side Colombia, the other side Switzerland. I am very happy with the result and it looks good.

So after this I had to think about how I am going to show my garment, at the beginning I wanted to hang it on the branches but I noticed that it will be to much and not nice at all, so I had to find another solution.


Finally I got it. the most important was to find how to show the embroidery on the back of the jacket. And I thought, the front is nothing important, it is all in the sleeves and the back, so I just hang it to show the back against the wall. As well with my title, on it I hang the top and on a branch the short, and for me it looks very nice. However I had to ask the opinion of my totes and classmates because I do not want at all make it to crowed and destroy the real sense of my work.

after this I started to make my threading, it shows the connection and for me it is the continuity of the roots and branches going to the top.


I am very happy how it looks like. I spent the whole day doing this, and honestly I had a lot of fun working on my space, be able to show my concept, my emotion and say that we never have to forget our origins because they build our knowledge, thinking and creativity!

Final Major project –

Wednesday the 7th of June 2017,

So Here I am, almost at the end of a long process. The more I arrive at the end the less I can tell. But actually I came quite early in the morning to do my board. I was worried that if I arrive at the same time than everybody, the printer would be slow and not enough space to work on the board, and I am very glad to have done this because when I noticed all the students wanted to do their boards at the same time. But anyway, I am done with it. Otherwise I did my self assessment as final evaluation of the whole project, it is something that we have to do online….

What else can I tell you?

I talk with the tutor about my exhibition idea, she looked very enthusiastic, and that made me very happy. We talked about how I could display everything but it is quite difficult if you haven’t seen the place yet, so everything will be organised tomorrow when we are going to set up the exhibition, it is going to be great. I am really looking forward for it.

I had an idea of how I could hang my garment, so I decided to create hangers with the second board, but unfortunately I messed up a little bit, I mean, it is not what I wanted and what I had as idea, so I need to find something else.

Otherwise I stayed at school helping classmate friends for their boards, they wanted different opinions and so no. But yes I think I will have more things to talk about tomorrow when we are going to set up the exhibition, the experiences and maybe difficulties I will found, we never know, but I think it is going to be a nice moment…


Final major project – Exhibition board

Monday the 5th of June 2017,

Today was the exhibition boards work. Actually at the beginning I did not know which pictures to choose to put on the board. My idea has been to use the two photoshoots I made and work with the colours. As well, the idea to  not put to much pictures on the board was important, because if it is to crowed it is not very nice and the simplest is sometimes better.

Fortunately, I ask for help to my classmates and tutors, as well as I contacted my family to ask them their opinion, and with all this I was able to choose. Well I knew approximatively which one were better than other, but a second opinion is always good.

I looked for the size and the colour setting. We were asked to go print the pictures in a professional place, but actually when I printed my photographs out I was really satisfied with the quality and the colours coming out, so I will keep it as it is.

I looked with the tutors the different places on the boards, I could choose between landscape and portrait and I will definitely choose landscape because it correspond better to my work. The tutors were happy with to choice of photographs, they liked the m mood and the expression of each of them. That made me feel very happy as well.




For the boards they just made me change a size of a pictures, make it bigger, and it worked very well. I am very happy with my board. the thing is that is is perfect, not to crowed and not to empty because next to the board there is going to be my installation so It is important it is not to much.



So yes otherwise ones I finished it, I decided to not stick it immediately, because I do not want to rush it and instead I will do it on Wednesday morning, I will come early before everyone is using the computer and printer. So that was it for today, I almost finished my little look book as well so I will print it tomorrow and the pictures for the genealogy tree are printed already, so everything is perfect.

Final major project- Exhibition preparation

Friday the 2nd, Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th of June 2017,

I am going to make a blog for these three days so I have enough to talk about otherwise it doesn’t make sense to write just a little.

Well finally, Friday we handed in all our work, it is kind of relieved to think that after such a long time of hard work, all our researches and ideas go inside the hands of our tutors, but well I am optimistic and I am sure it will be alright…

On Friday I did not do that much, just hand in and that’s it, so I am going to tell you what I have done on Saturday and Sunday. Because on Wednesday we have to hand in the exhibition boards and all what comes with, so I worked on it. Talking about my installation, I paint a flower pot in white so it goes with the branches. You know for the board we can not put to many photographs because otherwise it seems to crowed and that is not really nice, so I decided to create like a booklet with my photographs and homage photographs so people could look at it. So on Saturday I did this, I painted my pot and created the booklet, well I am not finished yet and I have few questions about indesign but I think I can be done on time.

On Sunday I went back just an hour to complete may booklet but actually there is something wrong with it, the photographs have to many pixels and it is not really clear so I definitely need to ask the reason why. After this, I decided to stick already the branches in the pot, i thought first well I am going to use stones and so one, but where to find stones? I do not want to spend money on it. So I had the idea to stick the braces with strong glue and then make a decoration with this colourful paper that we have in class. In my big surprise the branches were standing and it worked, maybe I need to add a little more paper to make it more strong but in general it is great.

So that was it for my exhibition preparation, know I just have to print out many photographs and I will be done!