Final major project – Essay

Tuesday the 23rd of May 2017,


Well it is done, I finally hand in my essay. I have to say that is has been a very long and thoughtful process, but I am very happy with what I have written and I hope it will come out very well. Yes so otherwise, I stayed at school to complete my folder, so what I still have to add for next week and so on, I also looked forward to organise my photoshoot on Thursday with hair and makeup idea, and other things.

You know I was thinking, an outfit without shoes is not a complete outfit, so as you can imagine, I decides to create my own shoes that will match perfectly with what I have created.

You know you can buy these soles and makes you own shoes- espadrilles. 

So my concept is still create a pair of espadrilles, solid and good quality. I went back to my research and I remembered the shoe maker Bally before he bacame gamous worldwide. I rememeber his story where he wanted to create the best leather shoe quality. Bally at this time was the most innovative man and so leather bacame an embleme of perfection.

So as you can imagine, I am going to use leather and to make it more colourful, I will use bright pink thread. 

In the box there was given the pattern and explained everything. So I cut the pattern and made the shape I wanted. Of course later on I made the holes on the leather to be able to go through with the thread. 

I made the stitches and ones I was ready I saw them strongly on the soles.

I spent the afternoon doing this and I really enjoyed it. The result is fantastic and I am looking forward to wear them for the photoshoot. 

I have to say that today has been a wonderful day!


Final major project – 

Weekend the 20th and 21rst of May 2017,

I did quite a lot during the weekend. First of all on Saturday, I went to school to finish my essay because it is for next Tuesday, I finished to write the last topic about Switzerland and Colombia, I also added some images to improve the essay. I wanted to do much more, like print out more process making to stock in the sketchbook and explain, well my process of making my final piece, but I do not know what happened suddenly the power went off in the whole school, the computers shut down and nothing were working. The staff just said that we will have to wait, but instead to wait, I went to John Lewis to buy more thread to finish my jacket,  because I did not have enough to finish the sleeves and the embroidery. So I went and when I came back it still did not works I went back home.

At home I worked on my sketchbook, I pout on a page all the fabrics I was using for the final piece, and wrote some explanation. The textiles and skin I decided to use are 100% natural fibres, I choose like this because of course I am doing an homage to the past and handcrafts and in the past, synthetic textiles did not exist. As well as I have chosen bright and neutral colours that could match together to make the combination between Switzerland and Colombia.

Ones I finished this, I explained my process in the next pages, starting from the construction of calico to the experimentation and further on the start of making with the real fabric. I showed every process even the small stitches and hand made stitches, just everything so it is nice and clear.

In the evening I continued with the top. All around the edge I sew by hand a very nice embroidered ribbon, for me is is related to the hand made ribbons made in Switzerland and a similarity to the lace from St Gallen, the most famous one in the World. So I finished the top and I am very pleased with it.

On Sunday, I went back to school, and hoped that the power was back. Fortunately, I was able to continue with my essay and finish it, but well my problem is that I have to much words and I removed already quite a lot to make it shorter, but I still have to much. I do not understand why there is a maximum, I agree with the minimum, but we should be free to write as much as we want. I do not have that much words but to much anyway.

When I went back home, I continued with the process of my jacket, I needed to make more patches to fill the sleeves, 12 for each sleeve in total. So actually I spent my whole afternoon doing this, because it takes a lot of time even it looks very easy.

So that was it of ray weekend, I would like to finish the jacket tomorrow, so I could do the photoshoot on Thursday, I have an idea how I would like to do it, and I would like to use the colourful background in the photography studio but I had to ask if I can go.


Final major project – Essay

Tuesday the 9th of May 2017,

 Today for my Contextual and critical studies lesson, I continued with my essay research to complete it as well as possible. Well today it was the big surprise to hear that actually we have to finish to write the essay and hand it in on the 23rd of May, so basically in two weeks. I am fortunate that I only need to write the last topic that I already started to write and the conclusion, I do not have to forget either to add photographs…

Last week a tutor showed me a designer that created amazing bags. So today I researched about it and so it is Christian Louboutin , the shoe designer and for the new season he decided to collaborate with an association from Mexico called Taller Maya, they work with local indigenous from the Yucatan peninsula and help them to live from their art craft skills; hand woven cotton, hand painted beads and lots more. Some of the artisans learnt the these unique skills from their grandmothers and great grand mothers, techniques that are lost but still remain thanks to this kind of organisation. So for Christian Louboutin it was normal to work with them and create a serie of colourful beaded and textiled bags. 

When I red this article, I knew that I had to put it in my essay as example of the high fashion industry that look for quality and authenticity, skills learnt and thaught during centuries.

Final major project – Essay

Tuesday the 2nd of May 2017,

So today basically, I continued with the research for my essay during my contextual and critical studies lessons. As you know I started to write my introduction and the two first topics of my critical essay. Now today I decided to carry on, with the last bit of it, so it means about Colombia and Switzerland.

I just wanted to tell you either that when I do the research, I write everything down in my research notebook, as you can see below, there are few pages of research, well I have much more, but I did not want to put all the pages in this blog.

So coming back about my last topic, I said that I wanted to talk about Colombia and Switzerland, but I do not know exactly in which way. Actually I thought maybe to talk about more personal experiences and add critical research, but there is that difficulty of making people understand what exactly is going on in a brain of multiculturalism as mine, well I will try to make it logical and comprehensible.

Otherwise, so during my research of today, I looked a little bit about everything what is going on in each country, cultural traditions, behaviour, life style and so on. There are so many things I would like to talk about in this last topic, of course my final major project is also about this part, so I guess it is normal.

What happen in the past, that make us feel like we are right now? That is the problematic. In the last topic, the word identity will still remain, and also use the knowledge of handcraft work and it evolved and so on… Just to make clear, the research I found, have been found on official websites of each country, they are the most clear and people who write them know what they are talking about, because they are form Colombia or Switzerland.

So That was it, normally this weekend I am going to write the last part and then add photographs to support my essay and probably add more details and after this I would like to give it to someone to correct it.


Final major project

Monday the 1st of May 2017,

Today it is Bank holiday and it means that we are free. However I went to school anyway to work and actually to use the computer.

I do not have to say that much today in this blog, because as I do not have a computer, I went to school to write my essay on word. If you remember, I wrote the first two topics and the introduction on a piece of paper, so I just transferred it on word. I spend almost one hour and a half to rewrite everything, because I also made other research to make it more clear and give more details if possible. While I was writing, I found myself in the essay, discussing about cultural identity, the past and how people grow with it. I feel very involved in it.

So I just wrote my essay as usual and then I had to do other things, like print out photographs I took in Switzerland for the project and do on. As a tutor explained me how exactly do the bibliography, I had to change the order in my essay bibliography to made it correct…

What else did I do? yes, just the essay, the bibliography and of course, On UCAS I received finally all the answers of Universities, and finally I can continue with my application for Bath Spa University, as it is my firm choice since the beginning. But before to make my choice I talked with my parents about it, just to tell them that I can continue with it. They have been very happy for me. So I did this and then I went back home.

I just wanted to tell, that I watched a movie, not a banal one, but a real one with a message that makes you think and I felt that there is something similar with my essay;

The movie is called; Camp X Ray, so actually it is a young lady that has been engaged in the american army, the heads sent her to the prison of Guantanamo, as guardian for a group of Arabic prisoners. As they do not like women, they made her life impossible, but just only one was very kind to her and they created a friendship. The superiors always said that you have to be strict with them, do not let them come in you head, do not tell them your name, do not talk to them, all these rules, but at the end, all these rules where because of the different cultural identity and religion of each other, but why this. We are all different but not as much as all thinks. I do not know if you understood the context but if you like that kind of movie you should watch it, there is something very strong…